Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylist Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Stylist Blogger Award from my online friend Meighen. She is a wonderful friend to me & has been very helpful to me along the way with some other ladies, which will be getting this award also. This is something I never expected to be honest. I know that my cards have come along way in less than 2 years, but this is something I didn't expect. I really don't consider myself a good creator because I can't seem to get my cards to sell on any online shop. I hope when the economy turns around that they will eventually sell. After you get this award you have to give it to 8 other bloggers and tell us 8 things about you. Dee:)

#1.  Meighen over at Meighen is always there to help me when needed.

#2.  Jennifer Anderson over at became a great new friend just this week as I was trying to figure out how to host my own hop and she did 95% of the work for me.

#3.  Kindra Snelling over at Kindra has been there to help me all the time when I have questions, ideas, she has motivated me to do other creating instead of just cards, so I have expanded my creating to hang tags and paper flowers.

#4.  Krista Petersen Hong over at has become a great friend to me since September when I was trying to recruit ladies to be on the hang tag team that I was a captain to on MPTS forum.

#5.  Sandra Rosario over at Sandra, I have also met just recently through her wonderful postings on FB, she is a very cheerful person and always gives me a laugh.

#6.  Jennifer Restivo over at Jennifer has also helped me with various items, questions, etc., over the last few months. I met her by participating in her hop, which I think was also compliments of Meighen hooked me up with this one.

#7.  Jess over at Jess I just recently met also by participating in this wonderful hop where I have met some wonderful, friendly and helpful ladies along the way and hope to be friends with also.

#8.  Madison over at Madison I really don't know, but I have been to her blog several times and love her blog. I was amazed at the wonderful talent she has for being so young.

Now 8 things about me.

1. I am a stay at home wife and mom to my four legged fur babies. They are my children so needless to say they are very pampered.

2.  I have a niece and nephew that are both just started college and they are both studying music.

3. I have a best friend that has been by my side for almost 20 years now and is always there when I need her.

4. I am a true chocoholic.

5. I love Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Medium which they just canceled the show.

6. I too hoard paper. I have 28 12x12 holders of paper that hold about 4 book bound stacks. I have them labeled by theme, holiday and sparkled & solids.

7. I am a very good hearted person and will go out of my way to help anyone if I possibly can.

8. I am a dog lover. I send donations to all of the rescues where we got out dogs from, the local shelter near me with food, blankets, and any other supplies they need to keep the shelter going. I love all animals, but dogs of course at the top of my list with 4 in my home right now. We did have 5 for a few years, but we have also lost 4 with in the last 6 years, which we miss them all very much.


  1. Dee, you are very sweet to include me. I am humbled. YOU are the true "Stylish" creator!! YOU are an inspiration.

  2. Dee Ty so much and congrats.. You are awesome. Ty for the sweet compliment too. :d