Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blown Glass Snowman Tabletop Figurine Holiday

Approximately 14"H hand-crafted blown-glass Snowman figurine on a richly finished wooden base this is approximately 7" in diameter. Every figurine is hand-painted in deep vibrant enamel colors and lavishly finished in sparkling glitter. The Snowman proudly wears his Red top hat and is holding a sign saying let is snow. This figurine will be the center of attention - either on your feastive holiday dining table or as a wonderful way to decorate any exclusive situate in your home. In addition makes a thoughtful decorating idea for shut-ins, students away at school or anyone unable to be home for the holidays. The signature Thomas Pacconi Classics logo is set in to the underside of the base. Small feet prevent the base from damaging furniture. It is a beautiful piece. It is in perfect condition. It is also very rare to find. The snowman is no where to be found at this time so I fell that $50.00 is a great price for a gorgeous piece of blown glass. Made in China. 

I am downsizing my decorations so that is why this is up for sale.

It is in its original box.

This item has no shipping cost listed because I will estimate a shipping charge once you contact me via email and give me your zip code.

This is only available to United States residents only.

Please email me with any questions.

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